Corporate Profile

Dreams are not meant to be shelved, they are meant to be achieved.

At Adenland Group of Companies, we believe in realizing the dreams of property owners in Malaysia. It is our aim to stand in their shoes, to understand their property needs and to make their dreams come true. In-line with delivering innovative homes and commercial properties that meet market needs, we strive to contribute to the growth of Malaysia’s property development industry through deliverables of finest quality and state-of-art.

Brief Background

Adenland Group of Companies is founded by a group of industry veterans who have been contributing hands-on to the overall growth of the property development industry in Malaysia in the past three decades. Our key executive personnels have undertaken various projects across the nation, predominantly in Klang Valley, Pahang, Perak and Negeri Sembilan. These projects comprise of commercial, industrial and residential developments that have transformed the landscape of success in its location.

Our working philosophy is simple: We develop high quality properties that instill added-value experience to everyone – our shareholders, suppliers, contractors, associates and end-user customers. Thus, our Group strives to timely deliver economically driven properties of excellence, comfort and functionality. From planning to material sourcing, construction to property management, our team ensure each step meets the elevated standard to fulfil the expectations of all.

It is also our corporate social responsibility to recognise that each development has to be sustainable in growth for long-term fulfilment. Therefore, we are constantly pursuing practical strategies to protect the environment while providing better facilities and amenities to the community. This is key in ensuring the success of every project we embark on.

At Adenland, we believe that understanding the needs of people is vital to our success. It is only through people that life is breathed into each property development project we pursue. Through excellent management leadership, strong corporate values, dynamic business partnerships and visionary mindset, we believe that our Group will be reaching greater heights in the years to come.

Company Mission

To be at the forefront of the property development industry

Mission Statements

In our aim to accomplish our vision, we have set in place the following mission statements to ensure we are constantly aligned to achieve our aspired success.

  • To develop and deliver high quality property developments that increase the standard of living in the communities
  • To continuously invest in personal and professional development, both in knowledge and skills, to stay ahead of competitors
  • To meet market demands through affordability, innovation, functionality and excellence in our deliverables

Company Values

Our solid foundation is built on 3 main values that is incorporated into our working culture and principles:

1. People – People come first because we believe everyone matters. From shareholders, suppliers, contractors, associates to customers – we aim to be connected at all levels, to listen and understand the needs and expectations of people so that we are able to weave these insights into developing successful products and services.

2. Trust – It is essential that people we connect with trust us to deliver our promise. We strive to build trust through our integrity and reliability to deliver beyond expectations in all aspects – high quality, added-value and timely deliverables.

3. Growth – We believe that we can only move forward when we grow in everything we do. Thus, our company invest in personal and professional development for all our staffs and partner associates so that we are constantly ahead of others. Thus, the ability to provide exceedingly above our competitors.